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My thoughts about...Life, Humor, Paleo/Primal/Ancestral Cooking


I'm Kraig...

a Full-Blooded, Certified & Authentic,
Louisiana Born,
Louisiana Residing,
Louisiana Proud,
Louisiana Strong,
Ragin' Cajun!

I am not a chef. 

I'm not a Health Guru or Doctor. 
I'm not a scientist or expert in all things Paleo. 
Again...I am not a chef. 

I only realized I enjoyed cooking when we started eating Paleo a few years ago. I grew up around great Cajun foods, 

so I got a good head start learning to cook and enjoy food.  
But, what you are seeing now...these foods and like a new hobby in my life.  
I'm having fun experimenting and playing with my food.
I'm just trying to live life a little healthier by cooking and eating  
Paleo~ish...striving not only for a healthier body, but also for a healthy sense of humor...about my food...about LIFE.